Manu Smith has been dancing Lindy Hop since December of 1997. Since then his love for the music and the dance has grown. Since 2000 he has been Dancing, performing, competing, teaching, DJing, and MCing Lindy Hop events. His teaching spans worldwide, including Singapore, Australia, Sweden, Barcelona, France, Korea, and Brooklyn. Dig it!

Some of Manu's proudest moments are:

1st place at NADC 2002 Strictly Lindy
1st place Swingin' New England 2002 Lindy Division
1st place Boston Tea Party
1st place Summer Hummer Advanced Jack & Jill 2001
and getting disqualified at ALHC in both 1998 & 2002

Born in New York, Manu currently teaches in San Francisco, CA at the 9:20 Special. He is also the co-founder of the Lindy website. When he's not dancing, Manu is probably staring at a video game screen trying to beat someone else's high score.

Manu also DJs at the 9:20 Special at least once a month. Check the calendar to see when Manu is DJing next.