There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.
— Vicki Baum

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Open House

June 30

It's back! The ever-popular FREE Open House at The 9:20 Special. This is the night we welcome new comers and thank our regulars by providing a free beginner Lindy Hop class, free social dance, free performances, and free raffle. Did we mention it's free?! And so. much. fun.

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Alex Fernandez & Dhruv Bhargava



Lindy 1B - 8-Count
Kirk & Shannon
Lindy 2C - Charleston
Ryan & JessB
Lindy 4
Jean & Bromley


Lindy 1C - Charleston
Ryan & JessB
Lindy 3P - Performance Class
Jean & Bromley


Practica & Taster
Kirk & Shannon


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